For more than 20 years of successful work in international transportation we have accumulated priceless experience and understand that often the value of transported goods also include your business reputation. That is why we developed seamless operation and quality control when it comes to high value load.

All companies under PRIMUM brand are customs certified carriers, which allows us to transport without convoy goods with customs duties in excess of 60 thousand euros.

Our modern fleet of EURO5 vehicles, special equipment for oversize cargo from the leading manufactures, careful planning of every step ensures safe and secure transportation.

For your peace of mind, we also offer additional insurance at a very attractive rate.

PRIMUM Group guarantees the safety of your cargo.

Daily monitoring allows our clients to get timely information about the goods location.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances we inform our clients within 24 hours of the event. Our customers get all the support necessary to resolve the issue and investigate the root causes of the problem.