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Tajikistan accedes to e-CMR

After successful efforts from IRU’s Tajik member, ABBAT, backed by IRU and the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan, the Tajik Parliament ratified the e-CMR protocol


Three more Russian borders open for TIR

Goods transported under TIR are now admitted into the Eurasian Economic Union via three additional Russian border-crossings, which will supplement the current list of 45.


First inland China-Russia TIR transport

The first ever TIR transport from inland China to Russia conducted by Moscow-based transport operator D-Trans, a member of ASMAP, the Russian Association of International Road Carriers, has arrived at the customs of destination, marking a trade milestone between the two countries.


Poland joins e-CMR

The adoption by Poland of the electronic consignment note serves as fresh momentum for digital transport operations in Europe and beyond, following close on the heels of the recent accession to e-CMR by Finland, Romania, Belarus and Tajikistan.


PRIMUM Group on BAMAP-2017 exhibition

As a part of a long standing tradition, PRIMUM Group took part in the exhibition held by BAMAP (Belarusian Association of International Auto Carriers) on May 18-19th Minsk, Belarus.


Russia and Poland agreed on permits until the end of 2018

Russian based carriers will receive additional 35 000 polish permits for bilateral/ transit shipments until the end of 2017. This quantity should satisfy the needs based on the estimated volume of shipments in the 4th quarter of 2017. This period is the most profitable of the trucking companies, as the freight rates reach their peak.


Russia to lift ban on women becoming professional drivers

The Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has revised a list of professions in which the participation of women is currently banned or restricted, opening the road transport sector in the world’s largest nation to female drivers for the first time.


Professionals of the highest grade are behind the wheel

IRU (International Road and Transport Union) founded in 1948 – is one of the most influential organizations for the transport companies engaged in international transportation.

Just recently IRU awarded its Diploma of Honour to 1,157 bus, coach and truck drivers from twenty-five countries worldwide for their excellent driving and safety records.


Poland starts electronic monitoring of cargo

Poland started monitoring international road freight electronically. That means that the shippers, carriers and the consignees need to register cargo that is delivered or crossing Poland in transit in the electronic system.


FIATA certified team of professionals

PRIMUM Group pays a lot of attention to the professional growth of its employees. And recently two more members of our team received FIATA diplomas in freight forwarding: Alexander Drapeza and Marina Us.


The traffic through Russia – Mongolia – China corridor will open in 2018

The traffic through economic corridor Russia – Mongolia – China will open in 2018. The Minister of transport of Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov made an announcement on the inter-governmental seminar preparing the project using Asian roads.


Transit throughput of EAEU corridors may rise 40%

International experience shows that implementation of digital technologies in transport may increase the throughput of EAEU transit corridors by 40%, and EAEU’s GDP may rise by 10%.


Benelux to benefit from e-CMR

A three-year e-CMR pilot project has been launched in the Benelux to put the system to the test, with the Netherlands alone projecting savings of EUR180 million in administrative costs and 15,000 pallets of paper annually (enough to fill 600 trucks).


PRIMUM Group wishes you a Happy 2018 !

Dear valued partners!

We are glad to wish you a Happy 2018!

Set new goals and discover, let the family remain strong,
love be sincere and luck have no limits!


PRIMUM Group adds more safety to its services

In July of 2018 Primway LLC (the head office of PRIMUM Group) became a full TAPA member. According to an official web site: “The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.”


First China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan TIR transport cuts cost of trade

This week’s TIR transit linking China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan marks China’s first inbound TIR customs transit operation, offering savings of up to USD 500 on each shipment and improving transport facilitation along a key Belt and Road corridor.


Digital transport rolls out across key trade corridors

Regional trade and transport seminar in Baku, Azerbaijan accelerates the creation of fully digital TIR corridors across Eurasia, with the outcomes of recent pilot operations and TIR’s intermodal capacity in the spotlight.


TOO Interavtotrans is the first in Kazakhstan to get TAPA

TOO InterAvtoTrans was the first among Kazakhstan transport companies to be certified for compliance with the requirements of the TARA TSR 2017 standard. The company operates under the PRIMUM brand. About 100 vehicles were certified. Now TOO InterAvtoTrans is able to provide services for the transportation of goods the 1st and 3nd security levels.


New China to Europe super border crossing opens

Kazakhstan and China have opened a new border crossing to boost transport and trade along the new Western China to Western Europe 8,445 km expressway – part of China’s Belt and Road project.


PRIMUM Group is now TAPA certified

PRIMUM Group has passed the next very important certification – TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). TAPA certificate is something to be proud of for any company dealing in international logistics. It shows that the organization that successfully passed TAPA audit adheres to the highest industry safety standards in goods transportation and especially – high value goods transportation...


IRU calls for harmonised EU standards for truck parking

IRU and its European partners are preparing to conclude a one-year long study aimed at defining common standards for safe and secure truck parking areas, to step up the development of this infrastructure across the EU.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Partners!

On behalf of PRIMUM team
we wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year!


International Week of Transport and Logistics in Paris

The International Week of Transport and Logistics (SITL Paris) will be held in March of 2017 in Paris, France.

SITL Paris has been one of the leading transport forums in France and in Europe for years. Once a year SITL gathers the biggest transport companies, freight forwarders, rail road and port operators, insurance companies, producers of loading and unloading equipment, customs officials, IT specialists.


100 petabytes: the biggest hard drive on wheels

The truck named Snowmobile is used for data transfer from the client’s servers to the Amazon’s Web Services cloud storage. Do you really need such an outdated method to transfer data to the cloud? The thing is, that an Exabyte or hundreds of petabytes of data will take significant time to transfer even having high speed channel.


Georgia to introduce compulsory Third Party Liability insurance

As of March 1st, 2018 Georgia made a Third Party Liability car insurance mandatory for vehicles registered in a foreign country in order to assist with the compensation of motor accident victims.


Another PRIMUM Group company passed SQAS certification!

On the 16th of December 2016 WESTINTETRANS LTD. has successfully passed SQAS certification.

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers (LSP's) and Chemical Distributors in a uniform manner by single standardized assessments carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire.


Toll roads in Russia will become more expensive in April

“Platon” – the system of road toll collection in Russia for the trucks exceeding gross vehicle weight of 12 tons. The name “Platon” is an abbreviation of “payment per ton”. Since the start of the system on November 15th 2015, the money collected from truckers on federal highways have been used for repairs of the roads.


First Pakistan-Iran TIR transport operations in view

The first Pakistan-Iran transport operations are the focus of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Pakistan, Iran and IRU today in Geneva and will take place in the coming weeks.


GDP & TAPA training

Just before the end of 2016 PRIMUM Group employees involved in Pharma Logistics completed GDP & TAPA training and certification (Good Distribution Practice and Transported Asset Protection Association).

Investing in “human capital” and constant improvement of professional level of all company employees is a part of a long term development strategy for PRIMUM Group. GDP and TAPA training and certification proves our partners our commitment to the European standards...


Your cargo and what we do for it's safe transportation

In international transportation by road it is not only important to get a shipment fast from point A to point B, but also to deliver it safe. That is why today we would like to talk about what we do to secure your cargo on our trucks.


Trends in logistics for 2017.

2017 is going to be full of changes in international logistics due to further integration of information technologies in supply chain.

The leading economic magazines and analytic companies outline the following trends in logistics...


Latest epic photos from #PrimumPhotoContest

For already more than 6 months people are sending photos of our vehicles from all over the world. PRIMUM Group is hard not to notice as we have one of the largest fleets servicing routes from European Community to Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia.


Know thy shipment location

Up-to-date shipment location and progress, estimated arrival date at customs at destination and final delivery location – these are the questions on the mind of any shipper from the moment the truck has left the loading point.


PRIMUM Frigo Service from EU to Russia, Kazakhstan & Mongolia

PRIMUM Group offers specialized solutions for international transportation from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia requiring temperature control. New video now on YouTube


Solutions for chemical industry

European chemical producers put forth the most stringent requirements for the carriers, delivering their products to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia etc.

Besides near perfect condition of the delivery vehicle, the company needs to be certified and experienced in international transportation of ADR and non-ADR chemical components, all the drivers need to be trained and certified as well.


The idea behind the PRIMUM Brand

The idea for the new international brand PRIMUM was in the works for a while. 

First of all, it allowed us to combine the capacity of six partner companies...


Real work @primumgroup

You can now see the examples of our jobs delivering shipments from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries, Mongolia on Instagram (@primumgroup). Follow us!


Learning on Practice

In the second half of March 2016 employees of PRIMUM Group participated in practical seminars on “Document support and customs control of international transportation by road”.

 The seminars were held in Poland and Belarus. In Poland we visited the customs control station “Kozlovichi - Kukuryki” at the Polish – Belarusian border. Polish customs officers shared valuable information about the work at the terminal and gave practical advice which could be used in our daily work.


Delivering music: Imagine Dragons + PRIMUM

Just recently PRIMUM Group performed the delivery of musical instruments and stage equipment for a world famous rock-band Imagine Dragons.

Concerts in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation were a part of the world tour of famous musicians. PRIMUM Group delivered for Imagine Dragons from Minsk, Belarus via Baltic States to Moscow, Russia for the performance that was scheduled for January 24th 2016.


Healthy values

Every year, every third Thursday of November we celebrate No Smoking Day. Healthy lifestyle is one of the core values of PRIMUM Group, that’s why we decided to mark this day with the friendly bowling tournament with other companies in international logistics.

As usual, no one wanted to give up easily and we had to really fight. In the end we took the second place. But we were awarded the first for best cheering for our team.

Below is the short video report of the event.


Valuable shipment for Dubai Motor Show 2015

Throughout our long history we have delivered hundreds of thousands of tones of loads… But once in a while we deliver something special…

Recently Belarusian-German joint venture “MAZ-MAN” (Minsk, Belarus) introduced an all terrain vehicle BME. According to the company website: “An all terrain vehicle BME-1015 – is an all wheel drive, multi purpose vehicle for the transportation of people, equipment delivery, emergency repair, response and patrol in a various road conditions, mostly on dirt roads and rough terrain…”